My path to audio and music 

The first time I met audio engineering was in high school. In that period, many video/audio sharing sites started to develop (such as YouTube). Many people uploaded their cover of singing and dancing to the sites. Like many high school student, I loved to sing (especially pop song). Thus, I began to learn about how I can record my own songs at home.

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The first and memorable piece

“Why can’t I make my own song?”
My music production started with this question.
When I listened to music, I always thought that “I can make it.” Then I began my music production.
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My Bedroom Studio

From high school, the time I started mixing and recording, having a professional studio is my dream.

The first version of my studio (when I was 15) was… pretty horrible. I have no idea about audio equipment. All I knew were getting a microphone and a headphone.

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