Digital Story – Dream in a 5m2 Bedroom

From Yuk Ying to Eugene, to KKM

The digital story is about how did I find myself and chase my dream in my small bedroom in my home town. From a study room to a small studio, my bedroom records every stage of my confession and frustration. You can see the reason why I am producing music now from the changes in my bedroom.

I used many multi-media elements in this production, such as stop-motion animation, slow-motion video, video transition from sketch to photo, sound effect, music and interactive buttons. Also, most of the music is produced by me.

Enjoy the journey of my life! See the Full Story

Story Outine

Part I - Study Machine

Being a study, I tried all my best to meet others' expectation, get a good grade and get into university...

But then, I felt lost in the calculation and formula...

Part II - Theatre and me

I joined the drama productions and was recognized as a director. However, I was facing more expectation than before...

Part III - Keyboard and KAGE

I picked up my music production as a hobby in the last year of university. I did not know that this decision changed my life.