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I'm a music producer (a.k.a KKM), and music is my greatest passion. I set up my brand KAGE STUDIO.


Music brought me to the world of sound and audio. My vision is to make the world more harmonic with my music. I am inspired by every small part in my life. I want to tell my story through my melodies and beats. It's my dream to distribute my music to the world and make it impactful.


This is the first beat after I arrive Vancouver.
Through the scenery through window, I felt gloomy when I thought of my hometown. (It is probably homesick right?)


CAGE - Lo-Fi Beat

I was used to describe my bedroom as a cage.
"I want to escape from this cage."
That's the original of this song, longing for freedom to chase my dream.

#LOST - Lo-Fi Beat

This is my very first complete beat posted on Soundcloud.
Very trap beat as I started making this beat with the trap drum pattern.